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This may be difficult to accept, but Mesmer will revolutionize the way you see and do UAT

Faster releases, better coverage

We’ll earn your acceptance with AI automation that boosts release times from 0 to 160, blankets you with tightly wrapped coverage, and keeps developers innovating rather than irritating. We can prove it.

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We will not accept the status quo

UAT used to rely on live and functioning human users to interact with your mobile application. These folks were looking for the jam ups, the breakdowns and the pesky problems. Most organizations perform this process just about the time you’re chomping at the bit and pacing the floor anxious to release your software. It used to be a slow, arduous, manual process with funky, inconsistent results. No more.

Failure is unacceptable

At Mesmer, we’re fully automating UAT by using AI Bots that act predictably, act irrationally and act exactly like real users—except better. They’re relentlessly looking for problems with your mobile application. And when they find them, they’ll write detailed bug reports, and make it easy for developers to reproduce problems.

The Problematic

It can take 6-8 hours to automate a user journey. And doing this automation requires folks with deep technical expertise. You’re basically writing code to automate each and every user journey, aka, “argh.”

At least 30% of a resource’s time is spent fixing busted automation after a developer makes an application change. This is completely unacceptable!

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The Automatic

The time saved not creating and maintaining tests can be redirected to crafting new products and features.

The speed is going to blow your hat off. Mesmer automation of manual activities means you’re releasing fresher and faster.

We’ll cover you like frosting on a cake. Sweet. You’ll be able to run more tests for every release—meaning fewer bugs inadvertently sneaking into production. And you know where this is going… happier customers (and tastier cake).

Let us take you from acceptable to exceptional

They’ll have to start calling it, “User Exceptional Testing”!

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