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Separate the forest from the trees

Counting pinecones

When it comes to Journey Monitoring, smart organizations extend infrastructure monitoring to include vital user-centric monitoring. Most organizations get lots of infrastructure alerts that really don’t matter. Alerts that have nothing to do with user experience. You can say they’re monitoring the forest but focusing on the trees. At Mesmer, a tree falling in your woods needs addressing only based on its user impact. We monitor the trees, and account for branches and pinecones important to our users.

screenshot of mesmer ax monitoring interface

Best travel companion ever

At Mesmer, we know how to travel light, travel fast and travel efficiently through the densest forest. Our automated Journey Monitoring takes your most critical, business-driving user pathways (e.g., checking out, signing up, buying) and makes solidly sure that they’re performing to perfection.

Get there faster & smarter

Streamline the journey. No scripts to write or maintain means non-technical resources can create journey monitors.

Feels like time travel. Create a mobile journey 10x faster via Mesmer than any other tool.

Get to the point. Arrive at the root cause of user issues much faster. Speedier resolutions mean less downtime, fewer support calls, and giddy users.

Every journey begins with one step

Let us show you how you can take your first step in automated journey monitoring.

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