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The easiest way to automate user scenarios

Aligning development with user behavior

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) at its core is about aligning your 1s and 0s around your user’s stories and tendencies. Getting your product, engineering, QA and operations simpatico with your users, is BDD at its best.

Always on our best behavior

Smarter, better, happier

No scripts to write or maintain means more developer time spent innovating.

Compliable and reliable

Maintain an audit trail of every PR with corresponding Gherkin file to see how features, tests, and monitors change over time.

Easy on everyone

Anyone can create a Gherkin file. Meaning product owners, business users, just about anyone can create automated production monitors or UAT tests.

“Freakin’ awesome” in any language

You write your user scenario in Gherkin. Now you need spend time automating them into tests & monitors. This process involves scribbling tons of code.

But no! Not with Mesmer. Your developers check in their feature plus Gherkin file. Our Bots take the file and auto-magically generate a sparkling UAT test, and a never-lost journey monitor.

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Let us help you monitor your application based on real-world user behavior.

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