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Introducing Mesmer's IntelliJ IDE Plug-in

March 8, 2021

Earlier this month, we released our IntelliJ IDE plugin to make building inclusive and accessible apps easier.

Mesmer's JetBrains plugin brings automatic testing, accessibility audits, and journey monitoring for your mobile app directly to your IDE. Our bots discover and squash bugs, surface accessibility violations and monitor real user journeys.

Now, you can do all of that, without leaving your beautiful code behind.

Get it on the JetBrains Marketplace

🔌 Plug it in.

Jetbrains plugin screen in your IDE
Jetbrains plugin screen in your IDE

Start by enabling the Mesmer plugin in your favorite JetBrains IDE. Now you can crawl an app, run your UAT tests, and test for accessibility compliance to build more inclusive apps.

Oh, yeah, you can choose between ☀️ light and 🌑 dark mode based on your IDE and contrast preference.

🤖 An assistant for your bot.

Mesmer Assistant as a side tab in JetBrains IDE
Mesmer Assistant as a side tab in JetBrains IDE

We love pairing our bots with you to make your life easier. Now the "Mesmer Assistant" brings all the power of the bot directly to your favorite JetBrains or Android Developer Studio IDE. Build. Crawl. Test. Audit. All right there.

♿ Test for all. Build for all.

Find and fix accessibility violations directly with Mesmer
Find and fix accessibility violations directly with Mesmer

Our bots surface accessibility issues in terms you'll understand. Our bots speak classes and resource-ids. These means not more translating WCAGggy checkpoint language written for Web 1.0 into a PR. Rather, we let you click on the resource-id. Find and fix it it. And, get back to your favorite s/reddit.

🔧 Fix it. Crawl it. Test it. Push it.

Mesmer Bots crawl through your app to find accessibility violations

Fix an accessibility violation. Admire it. Press the build button. Watch it compile. And, then Mesmer will automatically pick it up and crawl it to make sure its good to go for all your users.

Get it on the JetBrains Marketplace

We hope you love our new IDE. And, if you're a Vim or Emacs purist, make sure you check out our CLI. It does all the same things.



Mesmer is the leader in Application Experience Management. Our AI Bots evaluate the user experience of an app by acting like real users. Your development team uses us when they’re building and running their apps. We automate user experience testing & UAT testing as developers build their app. Then recommend accessibility improvements before they release it. And then monitor the experience once it’s released. The result- happier customers, faster releases, fewer problems.
Mesmer is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and funded by Intel Capital and True Ventures.