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Designing accessible text for Android: variable font and screen sizes

Director of Developer Relations at Mesmer (
June 2, 2020

When people say that it’s important to build an “accessible” app, that generally means that the app should be usable by as many people as possible, regardless of any disabilities they might have. The most common disabilities that affect mobile applications are vision and motor control impairments. For those with some degree of vision impairment, apps should be designed to allow for variable size fonts and screens, as well as for use by screen readers that speak the content aloud. In this article, I’ll talk first about designing for variable font and screen sizes on Android.

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Mesmer is the leader in Application Experience Management. Our AI Bots evaluate the user experience of an app by acting like real users. Your development team uses us when they’re building and running their apps. We automate user experience testing & UAT testing as developers build their app. Then recommend accessibility improvements before they release it. And then monitor the experience once it’s released. The result- happier customers, faster releases, fewer problems.
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