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AX Testing Datasheet

February 17, 2021

To release bug-free app updates faster than the competition, companies need to be more agile. But user acceptance testing (UAT) is a major bottleneck that holds you back. Automating this time-consuming and manual-intensive process is a tall order. Our datasheet explains why and how does Mesmer tackle automating UAT so your app releases are faster and better.

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Mesmer is the leader in Application Experience Management. Our AI Bots evaluate the user experience of an app by acting like real users. Your development team uses us when they’re building and running their apps. We automate user experience testing & UAT testing as developers build their app. Then recommend accessibility improvements before they release it. And then monitor the experience once it’s released. The result- happier customers, faster releases, fewer problems.
Mesmer is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and funded by Intel Capital and True Ventures.