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AX Management Datasheet

February 4, 2021

We know that manual testing, monitoring, compliance, and all manner of tinkering are torturous. So, being of sound mind and body, we created a company devoted to abolishing this soul-squashing crime against the mind.

At the New School of Bot, we believe that humans should busy themselves with the work they love best. The creative and imaginative work that can only flow from your brain. This can only happen when highly-adaptable-AI-powered Mesmer Bots take over that grinding, toiling, and/or laboring. And we mean every bot-worthy function from "on-your-mark" to the checkered flag... at nosebleed speeds.

Download the datasheet below.



Mesmer is the leader in Application Experience Management. Our AI Bots evaluate the user experience of an app by acting like real users. Your development team uses us when they’re building and running their apps. We automate user experience testing & UAT testing as developers build their app. Then recommend accessibility improvements before they release it. And then monitor the experience once it’s released. The result- happier customers, faster releases, fewer problems.
Mesmer is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and funded by Intel Capital and True Ventures.