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Why Mesmer

Welcome to The Mesmer New School of Bot

No human shall grind, toil and/or labor under the yoke of tedious, frontal-cortex-crushing tasks… we have Bots for that.

Taking the (hu)man out of manual

We know that manual testing, compliance, monitoring, and all manner of tinkering are torturous. So, being of sound mind and body, we created a company devoted to abolishing this soul-squashing crime against the mind.

Three commandments to Bot by


Thou shalt not perform repetitive, tedious, frontal-cortex-crushing tasks


Thou shalt not leave anyone behind


Thou shalt not succumb to Agile fatigue caused by bot-less app releases

Technically Speaking: “Aaaaah.”

Mesmer is about 5-star apps, rapid releases, continuing success, bucks in the bank, passion in the tank, and letting the Bots come down with the repetitive brain-strain injuries.

Robot standing by an assembly line

Let us Mesmerize you

Join the Mesmer New School of Bot. We don’t make you think, we let you think.

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