Deep Learning Automation (DLA)™

Machine learning models that mimic human behavior with over 10,000 skills.

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The Secret Sauce

DLA skills include inputting text on a form, swiping through content, scanning QR codes amongst thousands of others. Deep Learning Automation is created by a team of Mesmer data scientists who train machine learning models on tens of thousands of apps in the app store, hundreds of thousands of screens, and millions of UI elements.

Mesmer's secret sauce is our Deep Learning Automation trained on thousands of apps
Bots that See
Mesmer's secret sauce is our Deep Learning Automation trained on thousands of apps
Bots that Understand
How our bots 'see'; identifying UI elements with computer vision


Bots that See

Our bots use computer vision to identify all UI elements on a mobile page. As an example, a bot landing on a login page will use computer vision to see two input fields and a button.

Our bots use Natural Language Processing to read the text on a screen and 'understand' the context


Bots that Understand

Using Natural Language Processing, the Bot analyzes the text on a page to understand what it’s seeing. For the login page, the text on the first input field says email, the second one password, the button sign in. Based on this text, the bot understands that this is a login page.

With path planning models, our bots interact with different elements on the screen


Bots that Interact

The bots then use path planning models to successfully interact with a page. For the login page, the bot will first enter the username, then enter the password, and only when completing these first two steps will it click on the login button.

Why is DLA Important

DLA enables you to automate customer experience testing without writing test scripts. This means no need for hard to hire automation engineers to code tests. It also means that test automation is 20x faster to write.

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