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We’ll pull you off the monotonous, maddening assembly line of manual testing.

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AX Testing

We believe testing shall not test one’s will, patience, or ability to remain upright

Our bots do that

Our AI Bots will act like actual folks performing actual tasks with your app—no matter how logical or ridiculous those tasks might be. Our Bots tap buttons, swipe images, type text, laugh and cry. But sadly, our Bots do not dream (maybe that’s best).

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Our AI Bots are jerks

It’s true; our mega-brained Bots are out looking for trouble. All they want to do is find the problems, the imperfections and the obstacles to a totally satisfying User Experience. Not only do they point and shout at every issue, but they also write up a full report on each incident they witness. Oh yeah, you’re going to love these guys.

Our Bots stand the test of… well, everything

Let our Bots bust a testing hump, while you do your human-only thinking, creating and dreaming.

They Crawl

Our AI Bots interact with an application like a real user. They auto-discover and automate critical user journeys. And then auto-create an App Map with all journeys discovered. No coding required.

They Bug Report

Our Bots auto-create bug reports in Jira and everything needed to reproduce the issue—video replays, screenshots, log files.

They Use Test Data

APIs available to programmatically change test data used used by our Bots for any user journey.

They Assert

Bots verify the business logic of a page using assertions. No need to write code or complex if-then logic. Use our visual editor to label objects on a screen. Mesmer takes care of the rest.

They Run Via CLI & IDE

Developers can execute UAT tests right from their IDE or via CLI and get back results before merging their PR.

They Work With Your CI/CD Platform

Full integration with Jenkins, Travis, Bitrise, CircleCI, Bamboo, Gitlab, and many more to enable continuous UAT testing.

They Pre- and Post-Condition

Use this for your end-to-end testing. You can query any backend system to verify events generated from mobile are received.

They Visually Differentiate

Mesmer automatically flags any visual differences between builds. Formatting, icon, text, layout changes shown. The system is smart enough to auto-ignore dynamic content.

They run Gherkin

Mesmer bots can also run on Gherkin, and we don’t mean the pickles. We can transform your Gherkin files into automated monitors to make sure you’re always running full speed.

They work for You

“They” are damn smart and when you put them to work for you, you’ll feel that way too.

Mesmer AX Testing—smarter, sharper, speedier chops

We’ll pull you off the monotonous, maddening assembly line of manual testing.

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