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AX Monitoring

We say rest your weary, glazed and glassy eyes as we take permanent watch

The Bots have eyes

Mesmer AX Monitoring is the ultra-sophisticated, high-security camera firmly trained on your hard-earned app. Setting up user experience monitoring is another spark-sapping task that your developers should be free of—cut them free with our AX.

Robot atop mountain tracking bugs on a smartphone walking by

Seek and destroy issues before they’re issues

Our AX Monitoring proactively finds and fixes user experience issues in production before they can do their evil damage. It’s the easiest mobile monitoring solution to set up (said with a cocky swagger). Go work on your screenplay, because there are no scripts to create or maintain here. With Mesmer monitoring you can reduce inbound support calls and problem resolution times. And your developers will salute you.

Monitor and thrive

Let artificial intelligence take over the grunt work for your human-powered intelligence.


Write monitors with each PR

We have an even easier way for developers or product owners to create mobile user journey monitors. You define their journey in plain old English using Gherkin. You submit the Gherkin file with your PR, and Mesmer will transform it into an automated monitor.

Screenshot of mesmer software interface

Transform tests to monitors

Keep an unblinking eye on your app throughout the app-dev-prod-disco dance. Make sure nothing goes wrong once that beautifully tested app hits the road it was meant to drive on.

screenshot of mesmer software interface

Execute synthetic journey monitors

Schedule and run synthetic journey monitors that watch and time your app like a Nascar fan on race day. Use them to avoid unscheduled pit stops that’ll put your app in last place.

screenshot of mesmer software interface

Ready, set, deploy!

Ready your monitors. Set your notifications. And, hit the target environment like a biathlete at the Olympics. Eventually you will realize software-athlete nirvana: Where journey monitors auto-deploy with each new feature, and old versions of the app are continuously observed.

Mesmer AX Monitoring—the difference between watching and watchfulness

Please allow us to keep an eye on things…everything…all the things.

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