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AX Management

We have an AX to grind with drudgery

As the leader in Application Experience (AX) Management, Mesmer has developed a team of AI Bots that assess and evaluate the user experience for mobile applications.

We can manage that

We are the sharpest tool in the application development shed. We help you chop down problems before you release, keeping your users calm and happy.

AX the inefficiencies of TESTING

Does it work? Is it good? Are we happy? We automate UI & UAT testing while your app is under construction.

Meet AX Testing
Screenshot of mesmer ax testing interface
screenshot of mesmer's ax compliance interface

AX the insecurities of ACCESSIBILITY

Are we covered? Is our app useable? Am I in trouble? Mesmer removes all pencil-chewing doubt by identifying accessibility and other compliance issues.


AX the inconsistencies of MONITORING

What’s up with the app? Who’s watching the app? We monitor the experience once it’s in the wild. Why does that matter? Hap-Hap-Happier customers, blazing quick releases, developers doing the good stuff, and problems AXed-out like deadfall.

Meet AX Monitoring
screenshot of mesmer ax monitoring interface

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