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AX Compliance

We say comply with rules, not with needless, soul-sucking work

Violations: Found and Eliminated

Compliance is another critical area where our Mesmer AI Bots change the game from lazy checkers to lightning chess. Our AX Compliance solution eliminates endless hours of your people Where’s-Waldoing violations and potential legal rockslides. Checkmate, Waldo.

Super-tracking, compliance bloodhound Bots

Stop scribbling scripts. Stop manually slogging through screens. Ours is the only solution to automatically evaluate a mobile application for WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA adherence. Mesmer Bots reduce legal expenses, minimize compliance risk, and jet-propel releases.

Advancing the science of compliance

Let our Bots bust a testing hump, while you do your human-only thinking, creating and dreaming.

Violations exposed

See screen-by-screen and object-by-object violations reported by WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 Success Criteria.

Highly Recommended

We provide remediation and best practice instructions for each WCAG 2.1 violation discovered so that developers know how to fix problems found.

Primo Policy Configuration

Create custom policies for your team. Use our defaults for Level A or Level AA compliance. Or, select the policies that matter most to your organization.

Now Audit Reporting Live

Auto-generate ADA & 508 audit reports in PDF, Google Slides, or PowerPoint for easy editing and distribution. Provides summary and detailed views of violations found by severity, by screen, by WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 Success Criteria. Save historical reports per build for auditors.

Mesmer AX Compliance—nothing and no one left out

We’ll take your compliance checks effortlessly to the next level.

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