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Holy AI, Botman!
You can do that?

The Mesmer New School of Bot—busy mobile app developers can now automate their thankless testing, accessibility, and monitoring work, making them happier and more productive.

Automatic Mobile App Experience (AX) Testing, Accessibility & Monitoring

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Our Bots discover and squash bugs in your app

Discover AX Testing
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Our Bots surface accessibility issues to build apps for everyone

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Our Bots watch your app and monitor real user journeys

Discover AX Monitoring

A Developer’s mind is a terrible thing to waste. Developers spend a painfully high percentage of their time testing features, checking for accessibility issues and monitoring apps in development and beyond. That ends with Mesmer AI-powered Bots and automated wizardry. We’re way ahead of the curve and far down the road in the field of Application Experience (AX) Management.

Free ADA Audit Report

Everybody has the right to access your mobile app fully. You deserve peace of mind and a guide. Our bots can help. Just sign up, upload your app, and get a free report that tells you where your app's accessibility issues loom.

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Let the humans work faster and smarter

The Mesmer New School of Bot is a radical departure from the standard limitations of development timeframes and human involvement—aka, whip smart speed and next level (no wait, make that 3 levels up from “next level”) automation. Put your best and brightest minds to work being best and bright, not shoveling cyber coal.

No developer in their right mind would say “no” to this

This is artificial intelligence at its brainiest. This is the advanced connecting of the bots to do the heaviest lifting. This is Mesmer freeing your developers to use their entire brains on the creative and innovative work they love.

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The intelligence is artificial.
The passion is genuine.

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